HyperHaskell — Release of version

It is my pleasure to announce the release of

— the strongly hyped Haskell interpreter —

HyperHaskell is a graphical Haskell interpreter (REPL), not unlike GHCi, but hopefully more awesome. You use worksheets to enter expressions and evaluate them. Results are displayed using HTML.

HyperHaskell is intended to be easy to install. It is cross-platform and should run on Linux, Mac and Windows. That said, the binary distribution is currently only built for Mac. Help is appreciated!

HyperHaskell’s main attraction is a Display class that supersedes the good old Show class. The result looks like this:

Version supports HTML output, binding variables, text cells and GHC language extensions.

For more on HyperHaskell, see its project page on Github.

(EDITED 07 Aug 2018): Related projects that I know of:

Unfortunately, IHaskell has a reputation for being difficult to install, since it depends on Jupyter. Also, I don’t think the integration of Jupyter with the local Desktop environment and file system is particularly great. Haskell for Mac is partially proprietary and Mac only. Hence this new effort.


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