FRP — Release of reactive-banana version 1.1

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m pleased to announce the release of version of my reactive-banana library on hackage.

This is essentially a maintenance release that fixes an important type mistake. Atze van der Ploeg has kindly pointed out to me that the switchB and switchE combinators need to be in the Moment monad

switchB :: Behavior a -> Event (Behavior a) -> Moment (Behavior a)
switchE :: Event (Event a) -> Moment (Event a)

This is necessary to make their efficient implementation match the semantics.

Apart from that, I have mainly improved the API documentation, adding graphical figures to visualize the main types and adding an introduction to recursion in FRP. Atze has also contributed a simplified implementation of the model semantics, it should now be much easier to digest and understand. Thanks!

The full changelog can be found in the repository. Happy hacking!


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