FRP - Slides from the tutorial session in Halle

Hello everyone,

last Friday, I gave a tutorial session on functional reactive programming (FRP) with reactive-banana at the HaL 7 - Haskell in Halle/Saale meeting.

The tutorial was split into two parts: first a 30 minutes talk where I introduced the basic concepts and then one hour of live demonstration, where I sat down in front of a computer and implemented some examples in a dialogue with the audience. People told me that they liked it very much, which makes me very happy.

For those who could not attend because they don’t speak German, I have now translated the slides from the introductory talk into English and added some annotations. I think they may be a good introduction to the Behavior and Event types.

Henning Thielemann also managed to organize audio and video recordings during the meeting, but it’s not clear whether the quality is alright. Post-processing will probably take a while. A big “thank you” to Henning and the program committee for organizing the meeting in the first place!

EDIT: The video recording of my tutorial is now available on the meeting website. It’s in German, though.


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