About me


I’m Heinrich Apfelmus and these pages are mainly about the purely functional programming language Haskell. My email address is apfelmus at quantentunnel de.

About this site

This site was created with pandoc. Since pandoc 1.4 supports templates with very simple but tremendously useful string substitution, styling pages is really easy. My pages carry slightly more metadata than pandoc supports, though, so I’ve written a small Haskell program that uses pandoc as a library to extract it. Thanks pandoc!

I also used a Makefile but got sick of it really soon. Hence, I wrote my own make-like embedded language in just 80 lines of Haskell code. I love the result, I finally have full control over the directory structure. But writing my own tiny make engine was actually unnecessary, because there is already a well-designed library hmk for that.

The graphic at the top is the Dedekind tessellation of the upper half plane in hyperbolic triangles.